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Skilled Physical Therapy Services

Sessions geared toward improving or restoring function impaired by medical condition, injury, or congenital condition. Begins with initial evaluation and regular follow-up sessions with intermittent reassessments of function as it relates to your goals.


Physical Therapy Session

Initial Evaluation

60-90 min

Comprehensive, 1:1 intake session where you will be assessed, goals will be created and discussed, and an individualized plan of care will be made.


Follow-up Sessions

60 min

Performed in the comfort of your home (or local park, beach, etc.!), we will work together to help improve your independence and quality of life.

Wellness/Maintenance Services

Sessions geared toward promoting or maintain physical function, but not correcting or treating a medical condition. No formal evaluation required, with sessions scheduled at a frequency that works best for you. 



Paraplegic Sporting Event
Weight Lifting

Please inquire within for pricing. Good Faith Estimate of pricing is available upon request.

Sessions can be performed in the comfort of your home or via Google Meet (HIPAA compliant) at the discretion of the treating therapist.

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